Inaugural Flight: Qatar Airways A380

I was recently invited as a lifestyle columnist to take flight on one of the most important airline routes in the world when it comes to enticing the premium paying flyer: Bangkok (BKK) to Doha (Qatar) a sovereign Arab country located in Western Asia, on the newest gem, the Airbus A380-800. A double-deck, wide body jet airliner known as the world’s largest passenger plane. With a journey of over [3268 miles], I had plenty of time to enjoy and explore this beautiful aircraft.

From the time I walked on this jetliner, I realized I entered pure luxury. The flight attendants were beautiful and from all parts of the world. I found them to be informative, polite and checked on me constantly. The plane’s sleek interior is setting a standard for luxury and innovation that will become a fleet-wide hallmark of the new Qatar A380. I believe it will set the standard on what the future flagship experience will look like on the luxury 5-star Qatar Airways.

Mirroring the high-tech world we live in when not in the air. This jet offers international access to in-flight WiFi. So when toting iPads, iPhones, laptops and other gadgets, you won’t need to worry about batteries dying mid-flight. There are power outlets and USB ports at every seat on the plane! What a great plus for a 7-hour flight depending on prevailing winds. I was extremely interested in the design/layout of the Airbus A380. The color palates for the carpet and wall coverings changed ever so slightly from the front of the plane to the back. It’s subtle enough that passengers may feel its soothing effect more than they notice it directly.

In Business class, I was able to cross the Arabian Sea in what felt like my own private bubble with direct access to the aisle, a perk that was very significant. The pod-like seats are spacious and offered seclusion. First class offered even more perks; pajamas and turn-down service where an air host made your bed-like seat with a soft pad, blanket and pillows. Finally, the lounge, with its soft lighting held an array of sandwiches, cupcakes, fresh fruit and an assortment of beautifully curated red roses and an open bar. I decided to enjoy several glasses of Champagne Krug, wouldn’t you?!














Troy Alexander Heyward
Photos Shot: Hasselblad Lunar
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