Test Drive: 2016 Jaguar F-Type Awd R Coupe

I joined my Jaguar Land Rover family for the global launch of the new 2016 F-TYPE AWD R Coupe and Convertible models, and the V6 S manual transmission Coupe and the new Range Rover SVR a few weeks ago at the Monticello Motor Club outside of New York City.

After departing the sexy Hotel Hugo in downtown Manhattan, I whipped the AWD R Coupe onto the Westside highway heading for North America’s premier automotive country club/playground of the rich and wealthy. The drive up north is definitely home to some of the best and most beautiful test roads in the country. And this 550 horse powered coupe did not disappoint, highway handling was unbelievable as I zipped past the mini-vans that clog everyone’s daily commute. I didn’t time myself, but it was a breeze darting up the motorway.





As I arrived, I immediately crossed off item #30 from my bucket list: to test-drive a high performance vehicle on a racecourse. Awesome! The driving sensation cannot be put into words, Goosebumps, throughout the 3-hour driving experience. My instructor, was knowledgeable and a highly skilled racer himself. On my first drive exercise, I sat shotgun while he did a hot lap, reaching speeds close to 200mph. Next up, it was my turn sporting my little helmet, I hit speeds of 145 to 150 mph.







Thank you

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